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Step One

September 14, 1998

The Steps album “Step One” marked the sensational debut of the British pop group in 1998. The album showcased their signature blend of infectious dance beats and harmonious vocal performances, captivating listeners worldwide. “Step One” featured some of their most iconic tracks, including the singles “5, 6, 7, 8”, “Last Thing on My Mind” and “One For Sorrow.” The album’s energetic and uplifting tunes resonated with fans, making Steps a household name and kickstarting their remarkable journey to become one of the most successful pop acts of the 1990s.

Step One
  1. Steptro
  2. Last Thing on My Mind
  3. 5,6,7,8
  4. One For Sorrow
  5. Heartbeat
  6. This Heart Will Love Again
  7. Experienced
  8. Better Best Forgotten
  9. Back to You
  10. Love U More
  11. Stay With Me

Australian Bonus Tracks

  1. One For Sorrow (WIP Remix)
  2. Tragedy

Japanese Bonus Tracks

  1. Tragedy
  2. 5,6,7,8 (WIP Remix)
  3. One For Sorrow (WIP Remix)
  4. Better Best Forgotten (WIP Remix)
1.43 Million
5 x Platinum
EBUL / Jive Records